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[1/2/21] What, I can drop serve now??

Did you know there are 125 USAPA rule changes, additions and clarifications for 2021? (Did you know there are more than 125 rules in the first place?)

Yep, there's a major rewrite/clarification of the official USAPA rules of pickleball, with two new rules overwhelming the pickleball blogosphere –

  1. There are no more service "lets" - if the ball clips the net on the serve and lands in, play continues!

  2. A "drop serve" is now allowed, although that's a provisional rule, i.e. being tested for a year.

Want the official low-down? Here are several USAPA resources you can download through the links below (taken from the website) –

As you might imagine, there are tons of videos and articles about these rule changes. Here's a great 3-minute overview video to get you started –

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