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[9/19/20] Win & Elaine Dermody award CS4L with $100K Berolzheimer Foundation grant

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

David Berolzheimer, Elaine Dermody, Bonnie Starr & Win Dermody
David Berolzheimer, Elaine Dermody, Bonnie Starr & Win Dermody

As a part-time resident, David Berolzheimer spent much quality time in Steamboat over the course of the last 20 years with his good friends of 60+ years Win and Elaine Dermody. Sadly, David passed away last year but earlier this year, his partner Bonnie Starr surprised Win and Elaine with a note from David asking them to distribute $500,000 from the David Berolzheimer Foundation to worthy Steamboat non-profits of their choosing that met these requirements:

  • Dave had to have participated in that activity.

  • The activity had to have been here in Steamboat for a long time.

  • The Dermodys had to have a lot of faith in the principals.

  • The organization had to have an endowment in place.

It took 7 months for Win and Elaine to work through the legalities and approvals but the actual decision to include Court Sports 4 Life's indoor Pickleball Center project was agreed upon by both of them from the start! We are so thankful to David Berolzheimer for wanting to leave a legacy in Steamboat Springs, to Win for planting that seed in Dave's mind, to Elaine for teaching Dave to play pickleball, and to both Win and Elaine for their love of tennis, pickleball, and the Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball Center!

(We know you're wondering ... read The David Berolzheimer Grant Story written by Win and Elaine Dermody to find out who the other grant recipients are. And Steamboat Pilot has a lovely story in the 9/22/20 issue.)

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