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[3/9/21] Start 'em young ... and stay young!

With Routt County now in Level Yellow, both tennis and pickleball activity at the Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball Center have picked up and sounds of laughs, chatter, and pops fill the building! Pickleball Open Play has expanded capacity (pre-registration still required) and with vaccinations proceeding, more and more players are venturing back onto the courts. (Here's a tip for scheduling a vaccination if you're eligible – online registration sites don't always show every opening. Try stopping by a pharmacy to schedule in person. That worked for me at Walmart!)

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Samantha Oliver
Samantha Oliver
11. Dez. 2021

Despite the continuous requirement for guests to receive vaccines, I am certain that the Pickleball Center will soon be able to accommodate more families and individuals, ensuring that everyone has a good time. I'm excited to get out there and try out my new paddles from

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