September 2021 Update

Construction costs increased dramatically in 2020-2021. The contractors’ bids received in Spring 2021 were eye-opening and sobering – what we had estimated to cost $6 million based on a comparable project in Denver came in at almost double that! Thanks to CS4L's Building Committee’s hard-nosed “value engineering,” we now have a realistic cost estimate of $10.1 million for the entire project, including soft costs (professional fees, permit fees, furnishings), a 10% contingency fund, and adherence to the City’s stricter new requirements for stormwater management.


That’s the bad news. But the good news is that we can get started in Spring 2022 by phasing the project! Subject to City approval and funding, the CS4L board plans to proceed in two phases, with the option to split Phase 2 further as fundraising milestones are reached.

Phase 1

  • Install a concrete slab for the entire planned pickleball building, sized for 12 courts and the Welcome Center; build out the 12 courts for immediate outdoor use.

  • Convert the existing 8 pickleball courts back to two tennis courts (no demolition required).

  • Rebuild the Swiggart (clay) and Carol Baily (concrete) courts, expanding the footprint to include 2 new post-tensioned concrete tennis courts and 8 properly-spaced pickleball courts, all with gel-coat.

  • Expand the parking lot; finish coat the north end.

Phase 1_34-2021-09-30.jpg

Phase 2

  • Erect a steel building over the 12 new courts.

  • Finish out the Welcome Center, including front desk, pro shop, locker rooms, office & meeting spaces.

  • Construct and finish out the mezzanine viewing and gathering area.

  • Finish coat the south end of the expanded parking lot.

Phase 2_34-2021-09-30.jpg


Click on the green buttons for more information about our plans to create the City of Steamboat Springs Tennis & Pickleball Complex, including building a new, public 12-court indoor Pickleball Center. Now more than ever, pickleball and tennis offer vital, low risk pathways to physical and mental well-being!