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[12/8/20] Today is Yampa Valley Gives Day – please support the endowment!

Yampa Valley Gives Day is a regional campaign as part of the statewide Colorado Gives Day. This year, we ask you to support our Serve It Forward Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball Maintenance Endowment Fund held at the Yampa Valley Community Foundation.

The endowment was founded 4 years ago by Jan Theadore, Franny Mervis, Santino & Jeannie Antonucci, Dr. Al Michelbach, the Steamboat Tennis Association (STA), Bill & Loretta Conway, the Steamboat Springs Pickleball Association (SSPA), and Carol Baily and benefits the entire Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball Center. Each year, we draw at most a very small percentage from it – for example, in 2020 the endowment funded half of the expense of fixing the cracks on four outdoor tennis courts.

Through annual matching challenges and investment growth, the endowment currently stands at a healthy $170,000 and CS4L's goal as a long-term initiative in our capital campaign is to grow this fund to $1 million.

Please donate to the Serve It Forward Endowment Fund TODAY through as your gift will be boosted in two ways –

  1. The Steamboat Tennis Association (STA) and Steamboat Springs Pickleball Association (SSPA) together will match your donation!

  2. The $1 Million Incentive Fund supporting Colorado Gives Day will be distributed in proportion to each charity's donations received.

P.S. If you've been enjoying free use of the outdoor pickleball courts during this unseasonably warm weather, please consider making a donation to the endowment to ensure that the courts remain open and available as often as possible.

Thank you!

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