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[12/14/21] Scientific study of pickleball as positive impact on "inactive mid-life and older adults"

Not that any of us are inactive, and I "resemble" being called an older adult, but it's reaffirming to read that scientific studies evaluating pickleball's health benefits come to the same conclusion as we all have empirically. A recent feasibility study of the potential benefits of just a six-week pickleball program states:

Participants improved their vertical jump, cognitive performance, and reported a decrease in self-reported pain, suggesting improved physical and cognitive health across the sample. Participants also reported high levels of satisfaction and demonstrated good adherence over the duration of the study. Perhaps of greatest value was the overwhelmingly positive response from participants to the intervention and follow-up interviews reporting a desire to continue pickleball play beyond the study period. Overall, pickleball appears to be a promising intervention to, (1) elicit functional- and cognitive-related improvements, and (2) motivate mid-life and older adults to adhere to exercise sufficiently long to benefit their health.

If you like reading dense scientific journal articles, you'll find this study published in the August 2021 issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

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