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[10/9/20] Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Over two years ago, the Steamboat pickleball community began investigating the possibility of a local indoor pickleball facility. We quickly discovered that there was widespread enthusiasm for such a project, so we approached the Steamboat City Council with a request to construct such a facility, and with an initial suggestion for the location of the building. Although supportive of the idea, Council was wary of the financial commitment, and this was even before the pandemic.

Therefore, about a year ago, with the City’s encouragement and support, we formed the 501(c)(3) non-profit Court Sports for Life (“CS4L”) to undertake the fundraising, construction, and management of the entire Tennis and Pickleball Complex.

When the pandemic hit, CS4L quickly realized that delays were inevitable in our fundraising for a new pickleball building. Additionally, we knew that there were aspects about our original proposal for this building that we were not completely satisfied with. Given the inescapable delays, we challenged our team to see if there was a better way to configure and locate the new building that addressed the original plan’s shortcomings, but still satisfied our top priorities. We believe the revised plan is a rousing success is responding to this challenge.

Revised Plan

On all fronts, we are progressing well – CS4L’s contract with the City is nearly final (and will be “read” at upcoming City Council meetings), we have received pledges of over $1 million towards our $6 million goal for the Pickleball Center. However, before we proceed further, we’d like to confirm that the player community is as excited by the revised plan as we are.

Unfortunately, we can’t hold Town Hall meetings like we did in 2019. Instead, we ask that you read through this comparison between our Original Plan and the Revised Plan, then provide feedback and indicate your support through the survey at the end. Also, we ask that you send letters of support to the City as they want to make sure this plan is indeed “the will of the people” they represent. (Please send by October 19 to Ms. Angela Cosby, Parks and Recreation Director, City of Steamboat Springs, PO Box 775088, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477.)

Thank you!

Loretta Conway Steve “Moz” Modzelewski Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball Center Courts Sports 4 Life board chair


Then please fill out a short Survey to tell us what you think! Paper copies are available at the Tennis & Pickleball Center front desk.

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