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[10/4/20] Popular "Millennial PB" rebranded to "Age 20-39 Open Play"

As of October 1st, the name, time, and cost for this open play session designed for younger adult players has changed –

  • Still Thursdays, but now 6:00-7:30 pm (instead of 5:30-7:00 pm)

  • Indoors, with masks or face shields required during play

  • $8 / session

  • Max enrollment of 10 since only two courts are being reserved – This may change as participation increases but please pre-register online to make sure you have a spot!

To pre-register online –

  • Call the front desk at 970.879.8400 if you don't have an online account.

  • From the Center's website, click on "Account Login".

  • Choose "Drills" on the left (not "Register for Classes") and find "20-39 year old Open Play".

This group has been so fun that lately, some age 50+ players have dropped in as well. Just as pickleball relies on the honor system for calling your own kitchen violations, please respect the age guidelines for this group to keep it what they asked for. Thanks!

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