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[2/23/22] Pickleball blanketing the media

Pickleball has been highlighted in the media so often and in so many ways recently that it no longer seems newsworthy to post about them. Just look at February's USA Pickleball newsletter that links to articles about pickleball's rising popularity (The New York Times), increasing player compensation (Sports Business Journal), potential for inclusion in the Olympics (NPR), and booming as a business (Fox Business)!

Every now and then, though, an entertaining one comes along and the newsletter The Dink mentions this article in Gawker, the revived, irreverent news and gossip site – "Who is behind Big Pickleball?"

Don't have time to read it? Spoiler alert ... here's the last paragraph:

In a year with record-low Olympics ratings, pickleball’s explosion onto the recreational sports scene all seems a little too convenient, and I’m starting to think NBC Universal is merely a middle man answering to someone else. I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s Putin. Somehow.

Actually, that was a lot funnier on Tuesday.

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Loretta Conway
Loretta Conway
Feb 24, 2022

No reason we shouldn't see Pickleball in the upcoming Olympics!

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